Disabilities and Additional Needs

The University of Cumbria provides comprehensive student services.

This includes Access, Ability and Wellbeing teams, a Student Learning Skills Service, Student Advice Unit, Counselling Service, Students’ Union Advisors, Student Health Centre, Family Centre and the Chaplaincy.

For further details on the wealth of support available to you please go to the Student Support Services web page:https://www.cumbria.ac.uk/student-life/student-support/

PGCE trainees are assessed by an Occupational Health provider as part of the admissions process to ensure they are fit to teach in a school setting. If the Occupational Health provider recommends any adjustments, the University’s Partnership Office will ensure you are placed in schools where these adjustments can be made, providing they are logistically possible and reasonable.

We always seek to support teachers for whom special educational needs could be a barrier to teaching. We will openly discuss the accessibility of our courses and indeed various partner schools in terms of training.