The Offer

DTA aims to personalise your training to promote excellence in teachers who will enhance the lives of others

  • ALL trainees will complete cross-phase learning across two key stages with experience of primary and FE delivery.
  • A team of Specialist Leaders in Education will provide high quality workshops, enabling our trainees to access the latest insights into effective teaching and learning.
  • Leaders from our Alliance schools will provide training and guidance in principled-teaching and leadership, which is consistent with the strong co-operative values that we uphold within our Alliance.

The validating body for the DTA cohort is the University of Cumbria.

More details about its courses, pedagogy for learning days and general student support is available on their website.

Both placements will be in an Alliance school. You will spend most of the time in your placement schools, including a visit to a feeder primary school.

We have built a vast range of links with educational partners and can offer our trainees experiences and visits to a range of providers including:

  • Local primary schools, including outstanding provision.
  • Local secondary partners including different secondary settings such as university technical colleges (UTCs) and studio schools.
  • Dallam Teaching Alliance has built strong relationships with schools nationally and internationally. As a result we are able to facilitate visits to some of the best schools in the country.
  • Dallam’s uniqueness also means we are able to offer exciting opportunities that other alliances may not be able to, through different wings of our organisation including:
    • Dallam Boarding
    • Dallam Community
    • Dallam Outdoors
    • Dallam Sixth Form

There are regular university training days throughout the year to enable you to revisit your subject-based pedagogy. DTA will also host their own training days, with the core purpose of bringing the cohort of trainees together to discuss and share their experiences, receive additional professional development from our range of highly skilled specialists and have the opportunity to engage in the most current educational research.